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Hello everyone! It's me, TheMeq!
On the 24th October 2011, I was new to the idea of Multiplayer Minecraft, I had never played servers before since I had only owned Minecraft for about a month (back in the 1.7 beta days ;D). On the 24th October 2014, I will have spent 3 years dedicating my time and life to ObsidianCraft! I can't believe it's been so long already! 

I have decided to host a Blockpool Birthday Event on the evening of the 24th! (or Afternoon if your in the states since I'm british!). It's not my birthday, but it's my 3rd aniversary, sooooo. :D. So yes, the blockpool event will see not only the normal types of block you see in blockpool, but lots of other blocks which will all be for the taking as well as several bigger and better bonus rounds!!! 

I want to thank everyone who still plays for making the experience of ObsidianCraft what it is, the best! I love you all! Happy Mining!
Bardleyman i love this idea is there an exact time though?
Kalanhar Happy 3 years you addict xD
Hey OC! 

Want to show off your skills at building? Want to build something out of the normal and boring? Then this contest is for you! Come to /warp Huantedbuild Claim a 30x30 plot, either by yourself or with a group of friends it's up to you! The rules are very simple build a Hunted house by Oct-30th using only naturally mined resources. No Creative, No Spawning Items, use only blocks mined or bought, this way it is equal opportunity to all players involved! Use your imagination, it can be as tall or weird looking as you want. Just build within your plot. Contest will be judged on Oct-30 by OC staff, results will be announced on Oct-31st at 9pm CST.  When you come to the warp claim a plot that you want, and then contact staff that you would like to claim it, in order to build. Good Luck!! and may the scariest house win.!    
Prizes are as follows- 
1st place- 1mill obsidians 
2nd place- 500k obsidians
3rd place- 100k obsidians.
Supernova1213 Just one question are you allowed to build down?
CODgunner890 I'm totally confused on that last part, but ok. I don't think I want to try it, cause I understand that it would just ma ...
Moemoney21 I has to be built using only mined or bought items, no creative. Also COD I guess I can't stop you from building in sing ...


TheMeq a posted Aug 22, 14
Lots or recent developments this month that I thought you should all know about!

I'm sure you've read in the announcements that Wesley27 is currently developing our ObsidianCraft Hunger Games server and should hopefully be opening the server for Alpha testing soon. It seems to be working great in a few pre-alpha games we have played whilst testing so I personally am really looking forward to this. 

This accidentally got out to everyone when I added this server to the cloud and totally forgetting that /glist lists all servers and players locations on those servers. With the help of Okaretsu and aszxc51, I have been building an ObsidianCraft Prison server which will hopefully be in Alpha testing soon as well! So far, it is working great, just a few more plugins to add and we should be able to get this going!

Aside from the above new servers joining the ObsidianCraft network, we are working as hard as we can behind the scenes to make ObsidianCraft a great place to play and hang out with your friends. We are constantly bug hunting and fixing and also making changes to our bespoke backend system to make your experience more comforting with staff being able to do more to help you out!

I just wanted to let you know what was happening in the ObsidianCraft world and what is in store for the future!

~ On behalf of the ObsidianCraft Staff ~

~ TheMeq ~
B_B_O_B_B I currently cant log on to the server why????
Leafstar1120 IDK for sure, but, I think it is suppose to be "of"
Okaretsu Thx. Cant wait to finish and get to the beta
Network Upgrades
Hey you, ObsidianCrafters! Over the past month or so we've been working on acquiring a large-scale upgrade for all of the servers on our network. The good news is, this upgrade is finally here and we are setting it up! We've upgraded to a newer, more powerful system and as a result ObsidianCraft  should experience almost no lag at all, and very few restarts for maintenance. I hope you're all as excited as I am!

However, I do have to ask you all if you'd please be patient with us as we set this new hardware up! Our operators(TheMeq, Niverive, myself) will be doing our best over the next few days to get everything moved and set up on the new system as fast and seamlessly as possible. Unfortunately, this will involve a good number of restarts, but the end result will definitely be worth it. Please hang in there!

Lastly, we thank you for you continued support! This network upgrade and other works would not be possible without you guys! Thanks!
*I know there are some of you who want to know our spending. I'll be updating the ranks page soon with this information.

Minuscule Updates
  • ObsidianCraft Capture the Flag will be online very soon, and is going back into Alpha Testing as i try to work in our custom CTF plugin.
  • ObsidianCraft Factions will be online very soon, it is being reset and upgraded to factions 2.0!
  • ObsidianCraft HungerGames will go into beta testing soon!
  • An inventory gui to easily navigate all of our servers/games is coming soon!
  • There will be a ranks sale soon, so look out!
Thanks again!
~On behalf of the ObsidianCraft Staff~

~ wesley27 ~

keeeler Somebody has to start the slow clap...
Moemoney21 Wow just wow Great Guys OC Staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MattEPDC Nice job. I hope this makes more traffic and raised the population.
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