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Hey there, ObsidianCrafters!

This month's Voting Competition has come to a close! The winning votes have just been counted! Here are your winners for June, 2014:

Congratulations to you three! These lucky winners will all be upgraded to the next donor rank!

stes40 >  CEO
ggNamikaze >  CEO

You can win too! All you have to do is vote, and you may be a lucky winner next month!

Voting helps attract new players to ObsidianCraft and makes sure we are the true Number One Server! So get started voting, and increase your chance to win a free rank upgrade!*

Thank you, ObsidianCrafters for your continued support!

On behalf of the ObsidianCraft Staff ~

*Free rank upgrades only go up to the CEO rank. Winners who are CEO+ receive a 25% discount towards their next rank purchase.

Market Sell Signs

Kalanhar posted Jun 28, 14
Sell Signs are back and available for certain items that are being sold at the market!

Here is the List for the Market buy/sell Signs.
For a clearer view of the items that have both [Buy] and [Sell] Signs. Item prices can be modified at any time, an Admin+ will take care of the signs, and Moderator+ will take care to modify this list.

IMPORTANT!!! - If you see any errors ingame, or on the list contact one of the staff members and let us know if something is wrong!

ETO - Easy to obtain

Kalanhar It took some time to do it but after 7 hours ive succeded (or however is written) I will try to crop it a bit...i am not ...
Moemoney21 Great Job Kal but can you re size it, it is messing with the homepage?
ZanderSL2277 @ Main
Wow, good job Kalanhar!
After months of building, I am very proud to announce the grand opening of the new, rebuilt, ObsidianCraft Supermall!

Join us today, June 20th at 6:00PM EST for the grand opening! (/warp mall)

Shops are available for purchase by any ObsidianCraft user. They vary in size and prices, which can be found on the board at the entryway. Come on and visit, and buy yourself a shop to sell your goods! Get a shop quick, before the best ones are gone! Speak with wesley27 to purchase a shop!

Thank you!
~ Wesley ~
ObsidianCraft Administrator
ryanxsav I don't have permission to use warp???
calhoun4 Ugh, no fair! This is awesome by the way but it would be a lot better for me if my computer's sound hadn't stopped worki ...
bskirz27 Haha... I accidentally stumbled upon this the other day and I was like, WOAH! Great job.

Operation Minecraft Blackout

TheMeq a
TheMeq @ Main
posted Jun 19, 14
On the 25th July 2014, ObsidianCraft will be partaking in Operation Minecraft Blackout / Save Minecraft. The server will be shut down for 24 hours from midnight to midnight and coming back up on the 26th. 

You can read more about this here: http://redstonetor.ch/eula
uGoTsPnKeD This is by far one of the silliest things i have seen a server do. This wont accomplish anything just saying... Should p ...
Succubuzz i honestly dont get the point of the "blackout", shutting down the servers for 24 hours dosnt hurt mojang one ...
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