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Hey everyone!

This month extral1f3 is hosting a super-rewarding voting competition for the month of May; we thought you'd all like to know about it! 

You can view the rewards in the thread he made at this link: Voting Competition

If you have any questions, I'm sure you can ask him in game or by replying to that thread. Good luck to all, and thanks for the support!

Build Contest!

Invalid620 posted Mar 18, 17

Greetings Everyone!

A building contest is going on that you're going to want to take part in!

It is time for another build contest! We have some awesome prizes for the top three winners! I will post those prizes below. The theme for this contest is anything about spring. You guys can be creative and use your imaginations! It can be any build you guys want as long as it has something about spring. When you guys get done you can contact Invalid620 or MrEcho687 so we can put it in our logs of what you built and who helped. ( That way we have everything ready to go on judgment day. )

This build contest has no limits. You can build as big as you want. This contest will end on April 1st. This gives you a sufficient amount of time to build something amazing. This should uncap your full potential! 

We would like to see everyone taking part in this awesome contest! 

Here are the prizes:
1st: 350k and a spin from the prize wheel!
2nd: 100k
3rd: 50k

Hello Everyone

EDIT: New End and Nether are now open. All three old maps will be closed on January 24th.

I would like to inform you all that in an effort to complete our 1.11 map changes we will soon generate a new nether and a new end. This is beneficial to everyone because it means that nether and end portals on the new overworld map will once again work.

The procedure for transfers will be the same as it has been for the overworld map transfers. Please create all of your transfer requests in the 1.11 New Map Transfer Requests Forum. When making transfers please follow the guidelines and be sure to do the following:

• Title the thread [<World>] [Transfer Request] <Your in-game name here>. For example, if I wanted to request a build be transferred in the end, the title of my thread would be [End] [Transfer Request] TheKraken7.

• Please include two opposite copy points and paste points for each build you are requesting to be transferred. Paste points are not initially required, however once the new map is open we ask that you edit your request to include them. If you do not entirely know what this means, then you may use justinkeller's transfer request as a model. It was done exceptionally well and made transferring his builds fast and easy.

The old maps will be closed one week after the new maps are open, so please make an acceptable transfer request ASAP.

Keep in mind that the staff team has many transfers to process, so your requests must be clear and easy to complete. If you have a complex build, then mark everything accordingly. Failure to do this will result in your request being marked unacceptable until edits are made.

Thank you for your compliance and continued support,
- ObsidianCraft Staff

Highlanderwolf Dang, wish I seen this earlier so I could get Ruatha moved over...
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