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Help & Support

MrEcho687 posted Jan 5, 18

Hello everyone, we have a sleek new update to the help and support section, check it out, also please use "Contact Us" with all your help and support needs, ask us a question or inform us of bugs.  Thanks!

extral1f3 @ Main
Awesome job on the site overhaul!!! It looks awesome!
jjloftis o
jjloftis @ Main
Nice job so far
LuckVintage Looks great Echo!

Happy Holidays!

MrEcho687 posted Dec 5, 17

Hello Obsidian Craft!  We have added a few decorations to our spawn, come on and see for yourself.  Also do not forget about the Christmas contest going on now, you could win a rank upgrade!

Christmas Time

Christmas Contest!

Invalid620 posted Oct 31, 17

Christmas Contest!

It is that time of the year again! It is time for our annual Christmas build contest! I always love this time of the year and I am looking forward to seeing your builds! This contest will have some amazing rewards and I can't wait to tell you about them. So here we go.

This contest is a specific build contest, you can't just build anything. I want you guys to come up with an awesome gingerbread house! I feel like this would be a fun and exciting thing to do and I should see some amazing builds! Your house can be as big as you want it as long as it looks like a gingerbread house! This contest can not be done in groups this is a solo build only. This contest ends December 21st!

First place: A free rank up and 500k!
Second place: A free spin on the prize wheel!
Third place: 200k!

If you want to enter follow this format:
Name of build:

Offical Thread: Click me!

Happy building and if you have any questions ask me!
~Cody Reynolds

ItsTrippin I'm building for it! Good luck everyone!!! :d
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