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The ObsidianCraft Staff

Hey ObsidianCrafters!

It's the end of a special month, because the voting comp is BACK


You guys have been extremely busy voting this month, and we've narrowed it down to three people, but only one can claim the free rank!

Drum roll please.....

Congratulations to Dgoosy on winning the competition!

As a prize you get a free rank upgrade to VIP!

Now I've got your attention, here's how you can win!

Step 1: Vote!

Step 2: Vote some more!

Step 3: Profit!

The winner of the voting competition each month will receive a free rank upgrade to the next rank up, unless they're a King or higher, at which point they get a 20% discount on the next rank!

Plus, you'll be helpin us out with publicity, it's a win win!

Don't forget, that you still get points to spend in the /rewards shop so keep the votes coming in

See you next month for the results of May

With Love,


On behalf of the ObsidianCraft Staff

shadowblade0710 That bruce almighty gif though ...
NiAngell Yeah I stopped voting at those sites because of getting no points.
LazrCowboy FYI the voting sites for PlanetMinecraft and TheMineList do not work. If someone can get them to work please tell us so ...

Hey all you ObsidianCrafters!

Today marks the first major update of ObsidianCraft 2.0! We have updates, improvements, additions, deletions, fixes, and more! We hope you enjoy them, and enjoy our server even more now that they're here!

New Perks! The following ranks are receiving the following perks!

VIP+: Tired of dragging horses or other mobs across the map to your home? You can now enjoy /mobshop to buy mobs anywhere, at home or on the go!

Executive+: Scared of heights? You had better not be, cause Jump Signs are back and you've got them! Are you tired of creating signs over and over to make them perfect? Now you can do it with ease, via the /signedit command!

King+: Do you fill up your inventory, and your /pv 1 when you're mining? Enjoy a second virtual chest via /pv 2 to carry that extra burden!

Emperor+: Do you miss stocking up all your XP with ease? XPKeeper signs are back for your use! Do you want to walk around in style? Now you can with /trail and the particle trail of your choice!

HolyEminence: Two virtual chests aren't enough? Enjoy a third via the /pv 3 command! Tired of placing the same pattern over and over in your massive build? Enjoy limited world edit within your own protective areas!

A new rank! ObsidianCraft presents the [Patron] rank!

ObsidianCraft is proud to release it's first new rank in years! This will be the [Patron] rank. This rank is for those who are very dedicated to OC, and has no perks. It can be earned by graynames who have either proved their dedication, or have been on the server for an extended period of time. Also, it can be purchased for those graynames who love their vanilla experience and don't want perks, but they want to support the server. Lastly, it can also be purchased by anyone (even current donors) who would like to continue to show their support for us. For those interested in this last option, you are able to enter any price for the rank.

Other various Updates and Fixes

- Users with access to /ci can now /cic to bypass the need to /ci confirm

- RandomGift has been re-added! If over 15 players are online, random gifts will be given out every 20 minutes!

- Warp signs are now fixed for Overlord+

- You can now obtain mcMMO XP for voting rewards!

- CEO+ nowhas access to multiple pages of a CoreProtect lookup

Coming Soon

- More items at /warp market

- /pweather for Executive+

- a new and updated referral program

- an auction plugin

- re-instatement of the voting competition!

I Hope you guys enjoy this update, and wish that you have fun! And remember, we love hearing all feedback!

With Love,


Legionspartan7 Glad to be back on this amazing server! My friends and I have been gone for awhile and its great to finally see Obsidian ...
Leave_the_haters Thanks guys! Can't wait for /pweather !
Highlanderwolf Great to see all these new additions, things just keep getting better!


Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that today 2015-03-13 the very first build contest will begin! with that said there will be of course some rules and information needed. well the contest will be located at /warp ocbuilds. The contest will be from 3-15 to 3-27, after that the contest arena will be closed and then judged by the staff. The winner will receive 20k in game and bragging rights as the best builder for the month. Thats right, the month! Now then when you get to the build arena there will be plots 1-55 to choose from, there will be a max of 2 players per plot. Once you have a plot picked out let staff know so that we can allow you to the area to begin your build. Now the rules, absolutley NO creative. NO spawning items, NO greifing. all materials must be obtained through legit means buying from market or mining the raw materials. In addition to this the build should be as close to the theme as possible to be considered for winning. Thats all I can think of for now to inform everyone with. All questions comments concerns about this contest can be directed to me - Moemoney21   Have FUN everyone, and may the best builder win!    

Moemoney21 Plots are filling up, make sure to get one before they are all gone.

Hey Everyone!

We've finally got some sneak peaks of the new spawn for you all! Enjoy, hopefully you'll be able to see it for real very soon! ~ wesley27

Isaaccarlisle Glad to see you guys are keeping the place alive! Let me know if you need any help. Isaaccarlisle
calhoun4 So the ObsidianCraft world is being entirely reset, right? (player balance, builds, shops, etc)
Bardleyman Thank god for flyllama. Can't wait to release
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