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Hello Everyone

EDIT: New End and Nether are now open. All three old maps will be closed on January 24th.

I would like to inform you all that in an effort to complete our 1.11 map changes we will soon generate a new nether and a new end. This is beneficial to everyone because it means that nether and end portals on the new overworld map will once again work.

The procedure for transfers will be the same as it has been for the overworld map transfers. Please create all of your transfer requests in the 1.11 New Map Transfer Requests Forum. When making transfers please follow the guidelines and be sure to do the following:

• Title the thread [<World>] [Transfer Request] <Your in-game name here>. For example, if I wanted to request a build be transferred in the end, the title of my thread would be [End] [Transfer Request] TheKraken7.

• Please include two opposite copy points and paste points for each build you are requesting to be transferred. Paste points are not initially required, however once the new map is open we ask that you edit your request to include them. If you do not entirely know what this means, then you may use justinkeller's transfer request as a model. It was done exceptionally well and made transferring his builds fast and easy.

The old maps will be closed one week after the new maps are open, so please make an acceptable transfer request ASAP.

Keep in mind that the staff team has many transfers to process, so your requests must be clear and easy to complete. If you have a complex build, then mark everything accordingly. Failure to do this will result in your request being marked unacceptable until edits are made.

Thank you for your compliance and continued support,
- ObsidianCraft Staff

Highlanderwolf Dang, wish I seen this earlier so I could get Ruatha moved over...

Hello ObsidianCrafters!

Minecraft 1.11 is coming soon! Here's what OC is doing about it!

ObsidianCraft will be getting a new map for this update! This will allow new 1.11 features to generate, as well as give us a clean new home. Don't worry, you won't lose any of your hard-earned stats, money, etc.

If you want your builds to be moved to the new map, you will need to make a transfer request thread in the new Map Transfer Forum. Be sure to follow the guidelines, and put your transfer requests in as soon as possible, that way we can start moving builds as soon as 1.11 is here!

With this new map, we'd also like to make new biome spawn buildings for every biome! We'd love it if community members would take place in a competition to build the new spawn buildings for the biomes, and we'll vote on them before the new map is released! More information will be coming about this over the next few days.

Finally, we will be replacing both ProtectionStones and Lockette with this map update. The staff team has decided it's about time we move to a much better, more convenient protection system. We will begin using the GriefPrevention plugin to manage area and chest protection, starting with the 1.11 map. It will be a learning curve, but the staff team will be here to help you figure everything out.

That's all for now, thanks!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, always feel free to message a member of the staff team!

ObsidianOren Mojang Announced on the Nov. 8th they will officially have a LIVE release 1.11 on Monday Nov. 14th, if all goes as plane...

Heyo everyone!

There's a new reward system on the sever you're gonna wanna try!

Today I wanted to announce the full release of the ObsidianCraft Prize Wheel! This carnival style spinning wheel is full of goodies for all! You can see what prizes are on the wheel in-game by using the "/spin list" command. Of course, some rewards are better than others, to add to the excitement!

Here's a breakdown of all the prizes on the wheel, and what your chances are of winning them!

So, how do you get to spin the prize wheel!?

The top three monthly voters every month will get a spin on the wheel! So, if you don't like the voting rewards in /rewards, here's your chance to get something better! From time to time, staff members will also award spins on the prize wheel in game for certain activities and events!

I'm proud to award the first 3 spins on the prize wheel to the winners of the voting competition in June and July!

Dgoosy, Goemaere8, SirNius and MichiganThunder - Have at it!

Invalid620 Very nice chart/ graphic. That makes everything clearer.
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