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Heyo everyone!

There's a new reward system on the sever you're gonna wanna try!

Today I wanted to announce the full release of the ObsidianCraft Prize Wheel! This carnival style spinning wheel is full of goodies for all! You can see what prizes are on the wheel in-game by using the "/spin list" command. Of course, some rewards are better than others, to add to the excitement!

Here's a breakdown of all the prizes on the wheel, and what your chances are of winning them!

So, how do you get to spin the prize wheel!?

The top three monthly voters every month will get a spin on the wheel! So, if you don't like the voting rewards in /rewards, here's your chance to get something better! From time to time, staff members will also award spins on the prize wheel in game for certain activities and events!

I'm proud to award the first 3 spins on the prize wheel to the winners of the voting competition in June and July!

Dgoosy, Goemaere8, SirNius and MichiganThunder - Have at it!

Trooper11145 Very nice chart/ graphic. That makes everything clearer.

Hello Everyone!!!  

The 1.10 update brought many new features to the nether and to keep the server updated with the new blocks, we have reset the nether.  But with a new nether, we no longer have a good nether spawn, or a spawn to begin with.  That's where you all come in.  I will be holding a contest so the community can get involved in making our server a better place.  

What can you win?

50k!  (I know!  Make it Rain!!!!!)

A spin with /spin, Wesleys new prize giving plugin.  Check out /spin list to see the whole list of prizes!

What do we want?

A Nether Spawn (of course)


Can be spawned or legit, doesn't matter.  (If its legit and you dont win, you might be able to sell it after!)

Stand the test of time.  We want a spawn that we can put in many nethers and not have to worry about fixing it.

I will be looking for a more vertical based spawn.  If you all remember the last one, we needed a large, flat open space in the nether to put it.  I want it to have less horizontal footprint.  Maybe something that can let you out at different levels since the nether has so many different levels to explore.  I will be very willing to World Edit most anything people need to make it look good.  If you can make it so I can copy the design vertically, that would be great!

Fit within a 25x25 area.  As I said, you can make it as tall as you want. 

Check you /warp OC_Nether_Spawn to see where I plan on putting the new spawn.  See if you can fit it in nicely there.  The cobble pillar is where the build will be centered.

Have a 2x3 opening (like a nether portal) where I can put the gate.  Gates will be done just like at /warp biomes.  (It doesnt have to be a nether portal).

How long do you have?

Just about 3 weeks.  I will close the contest on Midnight EST between August 21st and August 22nd.  Then we will have public voting to see what the public likes until the 28th.  On that day, I will take the publics vote, the rest of the staff and my personal opinions in picking the best spawn.  Then Ill World Edit the new spawn into place, and a new contest will start ;)

How do you enter?

Check out the post in Events and Contests Forum here...

 http://obsidiancraft.com/forum/viewforum/3315263/m/2184879 for the offical post.

Heyo, all you ObsidianCrafters!

I just wanted to let everyone know what's going on with our server!

Over the past months, we've tried to add things, change things, promise things, etc. Unfortunately, nothing has worked out in our favor, and that is largely the fault of negligence by myself and the staff team. 

So, what are we going to do about it? ObsidianCraft currently has two fantastic servers - Survival and SkyBlock. We're forgetting all other plans, for now, and we're just going to stick to these two great servers!

We are going to focus on being a successful (even if small) survival server that is fun for everyone, and that supports our community the way it always hasI will personally dedicate daily time to the upkeep and improvement of these servers, and I know the current staff team will help me.

Now that you know what's going on, we'd like to welcome everyone to hop back on and give OC another look! Even if you've been away for years, chances are high that you were a part of the community that made this server great.

We'd love for you to hop online and see the ObsidianCraft of today! Offer suggestions, changes, anything you want. And most importantly, enjoy yourself.

This isn't my server, or the staff's. It's yours. And we want you to play on it and experience it in the best way possible: the way that you want to.

Also! The VirtualShop is newly improved and back on ObsidianCraft! And more updates to come :)

Rocketboy Huh...Haven't played here since the merge with the now-dead Eclipsecraft in 2011. Well, better late than never.
antofthy Question... how do you get to skyblock... I could not find any information!
antofthy Except new minigames are invented, and new players play!
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