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Denied Permanent Ban Appeal

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Permanent Ban
Griefing 5-7 Glass Blocks
Dear Staff and Zippy656(Person I griefed),
I hope this appeal will not be as criticized as the last one and I am pretty sure that this account of the griefing is accurate.

1. I teleported to Ulsmak
2. I saw the lava under the glass
3. Went home to get more buckets
4. Broke more glass
5. Went home after I realized that this was a very bad idea
6. I was banned

I think I have learned a valuable life lesson about stealing and breaking. I believe that I have gotten my punishment and if this isn’t enough I will give the glass back to Zippy656 and some extra diamonds in compensation for the griefing.

This time, I hope the people who read this would not criticize me for every possible thing I have done. Thanks
Posted Apr 15, 13 · OP
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I was the one who banned you. This was reported to me by the owner of the area. He said that he hadn't had time to protect the area so he got off and when he got back on that area was griefed. So I do not think that your account of the grief is so accurate. But anyways, my proof is at the bottom of the post.

Now please tell me, why should we let you back on the server after this? Griefing is a serious offence and we do not take it lightly.
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Posted Apr 15, 13
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I think you should let me back into ObsidianCraft because I swear, on my honor, that I will never do this again. I have learned that griefing is very bad. I do realize that you do not take griefing lightly. I think the owner was always on because I was banned less than 1 minute after the griefing. I know that I will never do this again, but whether you believe it is a different story. I can only promise with my pride and honor that I will not do this ever again. Thank you for your consideration DuckOnQuack147
Posted Apr 15, 13 · OP
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Appeal denied. You created the forum account kevi2508 to act like you were another person on your last ban appeal, which was denied only yesterday. If you make another appeal in the next month, you will most likely be forum and IP banned. Feel free to appeal after that. The link to the previous ban appeal is below.

Posted Apr 15, 13 · Last edited Apr 15, 13 by CJR
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