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Minecraft Character Support

By don4of4 a - Posted Jun 1, 12
ObsidianCraft is happy to announce a website improvement!  Users can (and indeed must) add and verify their Minecraft account to their website account.  This will let us preform tons of new features soon!
  • Add and verify your Minecraft character.
  • Verify via our login server or directly with Minecraft.net.
  • Automatically fetches your Minecraft Avatar and 3d Model.

3D Minecraft Character Model for Forums


You can now display a 3D model of your Minecraft character in the forum instead of the usual website avatar.
Turn this setting on in your admin > games > minecraft > settings section.
For 3D models to display, the user must login to their Minecraft character or alternatively you can force login all users to their Minecraft characters.

MC Verification Options


There are 2 ways to add and verify a Minecraft character.

Option 1. In Minecraft client login to mclogin.enjin.com server. You will be kicked from the server and provided a code. Enter the code in the provided input box and your character will be verified.

Option 2. Click the ‘Verify with Minecraft.net’ button, you will be redirected to a HTTPS (encrypted page) where you can enter your Minecraft username and password. Enjin will verify your account directly withMinecraft.net using an encrypted connection and will never store your password.
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