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Build Contest Winners!

MrEcho687 posted Oct 25, 17

Hello everyone, this was another successful build contest.  The winners are posted below.  Everyone who came in top 3 got a /spin in game!  Thanks for taking part in this amazing build contest!

There was some really nice builds that I judged today, but there can only be one winner!

First Place: Dgoosy

Second Place: DragonMouse66

Third Place: Jjoftis

Thanks guys! ~MrEcho

jjloftis had lots of fun thanks!
extral1f3 o Congrats Everyone! I know you all worked very hard on your builds and they look amazing!

Build Contest

MrEcho687 posted Aug 22, 17

Hello everyone, the time of year will be on us just like that, Halloween . I would like to host a haunted build contest. You must build a haunted house or something related to Halloween, The build must not contain anything that labels it as an offensive build. Have fun with this build contest!

Helpful Info:
-The date that the builds must be submitted is October 25. (Plenty of time to build)
-If you want to take part in this build contest please reply on the forum post and follow the format to enter.
-You can partner up with other players. The prize will be split among how many people you have.
-Players with creative can use creative, if you use creative you can not give out blocks for the non creative players working on your build.

How to get into the build contest:
Please respond to the question below and repost your answers on this forum.
1-in-game name of the players that are building.
2-The warp or cords to get to this build.

First Place- Everyone in the entry who wins gets a /spin
Second Place- A chest filled with goodies.
Third Place- Money (150k split between the players who won.)

ZenithEevee 2 questions. 1: How do i even remember my Enjin login info @w@ 2: Size limits?

Hey everyone!

This month extral1f3 is hosting a super-rewarding voting competition for the month of May; we thought you'd all like to know about it! 

You can view the rewards in the thread he made at this link: Voting Competition

If you have any questions, I'm sure you can ask him in game or by replying to that thread. Good luck to all, and thanks for the support!

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