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Hello Everyone! 

Many of you are wondering how close we are to updating ObsidianCraft to 1.13.x. Well here is a little checklist to keep ya'll up to date!

UPDATED 8/29/2018 @ 9:11pm PST


  • GriefProtection Stable/Usable 

In Progress

  • Spigot/Bungee 1.13.x Stable/Usable

  • Necessary Plugins Stable/Usable

  • World Edit Stable/Usable

  • Coreprotect

To Be Done

  • Transfer of Builds

  • Additional Plugins? 

This list is tentative at the moment because I don't have the full list from wesley27 and this is the post that I will edit when things have been accomplished! Stay tuned!

Thank you for being apart of the ObsidianCraft Community! 

TheGreatBagel Could we have another update on what is taking place?
Dgoosy Will OC be updated???? I and everyone has been so patient waiting for the new map.. And yes i do realize everyone has a ...
BrenB84 Any new update on when we will be able to get in and start building again


Hello ObsidianCraft Community!

With the coming Aquatic Update (Minecraft 1.13), ObsidianCraft will be getting a freshly generated map to accompany for all the brand new features coming this update! If you want your builds transfered, head on over to this forum post created by wesley27 to check out the guidelines, rules, and format for the build transfer request! 

Thank You for being part of the community and have a Glorious Day!

Hymnler I think Jon was wanting to know if there is a transfer deadline/when it may be
Agent_GlaDoS If you're asking how long each transfer will take, it really depends on the size of the build. We process requests ...
JonBr84 How long do we have to do a transfer? we have a large build and it's hard getting everyone on to play


ObsidianCrafters !!!

1.13 The Aquatic Update

Will be HERE  SOON !!!

Current Delay is on Spigot 1.13 Server Update

===> Make Sure your Requests and Signage is Current <===

Info Updated 08/11: --> Information on what we know so far !!!


Mojang Announcement;

1.13 is Officically Released !!!

Information on 1.13 Release

------ 1.13 Release ------

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