1) Making an Appeal (format is also here).
For a Ban:

Make a new thread if you have not made one yet under "Ban/Demotion Appeal". If you already made a thread and it hasn't been denied, edit it using the edit button at the bottom right of your post in your thread. Make sure you check into your appeal as inactivity results in denied appeals.

Copy the format from below and fill it in as the content for your appeal
(Mandatory for (non-temp) Bans).
The title must be in the following format: [Request] YOUR-MINECRFAFT-NAME-HERE
  1. Minecraft username
  2. Type of punishment (Ban/Temp/Jail/Demotion/TS) (if known)
  3. Ban reason (if known)
  4. Ban date (approx.)
  5. Explanation in english, with correct grammar, spelling and consisting of only prose.

For a Tempbans:
This ban type cannot be appealed. Do not try as it will just waste time on both sides; begging or asking may prolong this ban.

3) Wait patiently and check your appeal daily. If you are wondering when you will be unbanned, it will be:
- a) After a decision is made. Once again, be patient as spamming may decrease your chances of being unbanned.
- b) Never, if the decision is to deny the appeal you will stay banned.
- c) Make sure to check your appeal every ~24 hours or state approx time till next post (do NOT state that it will take longer for every single post after that post). After 2 warnings to reply within 24 hours, you will not be warned in that appeal again and can have your appeal denied for inactivity immediately.

Other Notes:
  • Forum rules do apply.
  • Appeals are the only way to ASK to remove a ban. The decision rests upon staff.
  • Do NOT post in any Ban Appeals unless you are staff or the banned player, or someone directly related to the case under review, or have very relevant, valid input to present. The validity of said input is determined solely by staff. Exceptions WILL NOT be made, and violators will receive forum warnings and possibly a forum ban.
  • Appeals are looked over daily; staff members also are players/humans. Please be patient.
  • If you use another language other than English, expect replies at least a month apart due to translation issues; expect to stay banned.
  • Staying calm, acting/typing maturely and all necessary information of the situation helps staff fully understand and be able to read your appeal easily.
  • State the whole truth and nothing but the truth else it can stick for not only the current appeal but future ones as well.
  • Temporary bans are NOT appealable. IF you do happen to appeal it, it will most likely end up being extended or turned permanent. It is best if you just wait it out.
  • Inability to follow the proper format most likely will end up with your appeal being denied or put on a waiting list until it is properly formatted.
  • You must reply within 24 hours after each post a Staff member directs a question at you (the appealer), the appeal will be deemed inactive (by the appealer) if not done so. Inactive-denial appeals are re-appealable as long as another appeal is made although it worsens your case.
  • Staff do sleep on ban appeals. The longer a ban appeal is up, the more time you are/were given to prove yourself. Else, it would've already been denied.