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Hello Everyone! 

Many of you are wondering how close we are to updating ObsidianCraft to 1.13.x. Well here is a little checklist to keep ya'll up to date!

UPDATED 8/29/2018 @ 9:11pm PST


  • GriefProtection Stable/Usable 

In Progress

  • Spigot/Bungee 1.13.x Stable/Usable

  • Necessary Plugins Stable/Usable

  • World Edit Stable/Usable

  • Coreprotect

To Be Done

  • Transfer of Builds

  • Additional Plugins? 

This list is tentative at the moment because I don't have the full list from wesley27 and this is the post that I will edit when things have been accomplished! Stay tuned!

Thank you for being apart of the ObsidianCraft Community! 

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