SMP Ranks

Rank Overview:

Standard VIP Premium Supporter Executive CEO King
Warp and /tpa
Chest+Door Locking
1 Private Warp
Chest Shops
Fly Mod
Private Warps (10)
Mobile Workbench(/mt craft)
Lava Buckets/Flint & Steel
Heal Command
/stack Command
/ptime (private day)
Public Warps (5)
God Mode
/back Command
Clear Inventory
Mobile Double-Chest (/pv)
More Private Warps
(15 TOTAL)
Jump Signs
Public Warps (15)
More Private Warps (25 TOTAL)
Core Protect Lookup
Spawn Mob
/Butcher (kills mobs)
Vanish (Invisible)
Edit Some Region Flags
(ice-melt, leaf-decay, mob-spawning, greeting, farewell)
Speed Hack
Colored Signs
More Public Warps
(25 T
Creative Mode


Access to two player vaults

Donations are cumulative over time.
Why "sell" ranks?
  • This is a great question. The answer is three-fold. It helps mitigate the cost of running a high end server 24/7 and when people invest real currency, they are MUCH less likely to grief and abuse their tools. Thus, we can entrust them with many more tools. Another aspect to remember is that every one of these tools cost server resources, so in effect upgraded ranks pay their share.
Note: No staff member has EVER made a penny off of this server, but yes we have money saved.

    Upgrading your Rank:
    • In order to get these ranks you must use the shop located on the menu.
    • We support PayPal and 2Checkout.
    SMP Ranks:
      • VIP - $10
      • Premium - $15
      • Supporter - $25
      • Executive - $40
      • CEO - $65
      • King - $95
      • Overlord of Kings - $130
        • Warp Signs
        • /Skychanger (?)
        • Lapis, Glass, and TNT Hats 
        • /nightvision or /nv
        • /nick
      • Emperor of Souls - $165
        • Dispenser, Obsidian, Diamond Block, and Emerald Block Hats 
        • /afk
        • Ability to use TNT
        • XPKeeper
        • Particle trails via /trail
      • Holy Eminence of ObsidianCraft - $200
        • Ultimate Rank
        • Access to use colored chat
        • Mob Disguise
        • Access to 3 player vaults

    IMPORTANT:  In order to facilitate rank upgrades, we now REQUIRE you register and are logged in to the website when you donate.  Furthermore, we ask that your website username be the same as your Minecraft username.  With that said, the donation page will ask you for you MC username on donation.  If you enter the wrong user or misspell it you WILL NOT be refunded.  Check your spelling!

    Where the money goes...

    What we use donations for:

    Running a minecraft server costs a lot of money, but we think it is only right to tell you, the donators, what we use your money for.  (Again, we don't make any money personally off this)
    • Monthly: ~$350 Hosting Package and Network, Website, and Assets
    • Initial server cost: $2183.62
    • 8-25-11: Server backend software $25
    • 9-30-11: Upgraded to faster SSD's (2x 128 GB in Raid0) $369.98
    • 9-30-11: More backend software. $50
    • 10-2-11: ~$24 in preparation for a test server 
    • 11-7-11: $499 website update 
    • 11-10-11: ~1200 website redesign
    • 12-23-11: $2300 assorted software expenses (non-bukkit project)
    • 2-1-12: $1350 voting tracking and integration improvements
    • 2-5-12: $1000 encouragement *bribe* to the Spout team
    • 2-17-12: $1950 unexpected legal costs to compel the removal of copyrighted content
    • 3-12-12-Ongoing: $5340 ObsidianNetwork plugins and software development
      • Monthly: $1,571 Hosting package
      • Monthly: $399 10GBASE-SR fiber optic connection (no commit)
      • Monthly: $1400-$3000 Advertising
    • 12-24-13: $1400 Advertising boast
    • 7-26-14: $500 New hardware, system, and network upgrades
    • 8-28-14: $800 Advertising boast
    • 7-14-16: Completion of ongoing major hardware/network/advertising cuts to eliminate unnecessary funding based on the decreasing size of the server
    Last updated: 1-23-17; All figures are estimations.